Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Bear That Ate The Bird Feeder Part II

Now I haven't matched any dental records.....but I do believe that this is the bear that ate the bird feeder. This picture was recorded on our "critter cam" at 8:22pm while we were sitting out on the deck.

I put the camera out before dark because I'm too afraid to go out in the back of the lot after 7:30....that's when the creatures start coming out.

Our fearless-four-month old puppy, Zinny, growled at something, but we had no idea that she was alerting us to the fact that we had a rather large bear not too far from where we were sitting. How can something so large be so quiet? Anyway, we were completely oblivious to the whole episode until we checked out the video early the next morning.

From now on, I'm going to pay closer attention to Zinny's growls.

Have a great weekend everyone. The hubby and I are busy stripping wallpaper and painting a bathroom......I'd rather be quilting!!

As always,

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Crissie said...

Oh! My Gosh Lynn... I am with you I don't like it after dark and will not go a quilting retreat as there are bears at Lake Tahoe where the camp is.
I just wanted to tell you I recieve your pattern this afternoon and I will get it right back to you ASAP, If you'd send me your email address I'd like to show you what I quilted for some of my friends, I've quilted several of these over the past four years and I'd like to see if you'd like that pattern? Please put something in the subject line so I know it's you~
Please email me so I can send the pictures ...
Thanks for your kind generosity...
Quiltingly Yours, Crissie